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With 30 years of experience as a graphic designer in the advertising industry, I have developed a sharp eye for key visual principles like composition, balance, style and mood. More recently, I have added photography to my skill set. Now I can meet your portrait, product and location photography needs, as well as offer professional retouching.


Whether it’s an executive portrait, senior portrait or family portrait, a portrait is not a snapshot or a selfie with forced smiles. A portrait showcases the best of the subject in a truly authentic way. To achieve this, I believe in a collaborative process where we take the time to relax, get comfortable and find your natural character. I look to capture subtle, evocative expressions. That means you won’t be asked to pose in awkward ways that make you self-conscious. We’ll find a setting with the right mood—a wall, bench, railing—where you’ll sit or lean as you normally would. I’ll then tweak your position and expressions so you look exceptional in the camera.


I use advanced retouching techniques to remove blemishes and soften wrinkles while retaining natural skin texture, as well as subtly smoothing shadows across the face, which refines the whole look. Color and tonal adjustments are also made to enhance the mood make the subject pop. It can be a time-intensive undertaking, but it's an integral part of the process in turning the raw photo into an artistic keepsake.


Unlike many other photographers, I’m not in the business of selling prints. I focus on providing my artistic talents, photography session time and retouching skills for my clients. Upon completion of your photos, you’ll get high- and low-resolution files of every image you purchase. You have complete control of using those files as you wish. You can use high-resolution files to order prints, and low-resolution files to share electronically and post to your social media pages. I’ll be happy to suggest various print labs, discuss appropriate options and even help you navigate their ordering process.


Call me at 216.272.1924 to talk about making your next portrait or product photograph a success.

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